Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement


"We are building a healthy, unified Cree Nation by preserving our language, culture, and traditions. We are strengthening our Cree Nation by becoming financially, economically, socially, and politically independent."


This is being accomplished through the following vision elements:

  • Band Owned Infrastructure
  • Independent and Band Owned Businesses
  • More Economic Growth and Development
  • Paved roads to the Pas and Nipawin
  • Environmental and Safety for the Community
  • Preservation of Language and Culture
  • Community College-University Facility
  • Pikiskwestamihnam – Ayameestamiyan (speak for us)
  • Wichitowin – Wichikekamik (helping each other)
  • Social Intervention and Expanded Educational Services
  • Expanded Health Services
  • Active Living Center
  • Veterinary Health Services
  • Keeping our Elders comfortable on Reserve
  • New Day Care Center


Six Key obstacles block our vision.

They are:

  • Fear of being judged blocks community people from participating;
  • Conflict among adults (gossip, etc) blocks children’s capacity to see the positive/have hope for the future;
  • Old debt loads block moving forward;
  • Leadership non attendance at key meetings blocks growth;
  • Ignorance and apathy blocks productive participation; and
  • Limited course offerings blocks students from succeeding.